Your Big Questions

  • Do you skip essentials because there are not enough hours in a day?
  • Have you tried outsourcing with less than stellar results?
  • Are you fed up with dealing with Jargon and Hype?

Our Answers to Your Questions

  • We free your time by solving your technology problems.
  • We get outsourcing right - so you don't have to worry.
  • We talk to you using English and Business.

Your dream

Stop for just a moment and let yourself dream...

One of the pieces of your business is not being run by you and surprisingly that doesn't make you worried. In fact you sometimes forget it is even there, it just works.

You know that your solution is evolving to survive in its changing environment. You also know that if a business decision comes up you will be consulted for direction.

You might say this is outsourcing done right. And if you ever want to be more involved, that's your decision.


Why you can trust us

There are several ways in which we are unique:

Education: We take education very seriously - across a wide range of business related topics.


Budget: We have years of experience finding ways to keep costs low while still getting the job done.


Integrity: We will always tell you what we would (and do) want our suppliers to tell us.


Accountability: We are committed Christians so we believe that God is watching and holding us accountable for our every action


This ultimately means that you can leave your technology to me and my team without ever having to worry about it again.


Our Promise to You

"We will take complete, unwavering responsibility for your technical presence."

You can move forward into your future with confidence that you are building your business on a solid foundation of knowledge, preparation, and hard work.

Jeremiah Stover, Founder of PragDev who specializes in Business focused DevOps

Entrepreneurs worry.

Let us worry for you.


"Jeremiah was very good to work with. He always took the time to ask the right questions and took his responsibilities very seriously. I appreciate all he has done for us. Diligent, is a great word to use! Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity."

Nancy Bogart,
Chief Executive Officer
Jordan Essentials Co.


"Jeremiah demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them in real-world production environments. He possesses a level of dedication and quality of work difficult to encounter in today's workplace."

Jeff Preletz,
Principal Consultant
SAP BusinessObjects


"Jeremiah was a trustworthy and friendly individual throughout his internship where we were both working. Over the course of the internship I came to appreciate his diligence and concern for the customers he was dealing with."

Ryan Short,
Customer Service Tech
Vision Forum