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Portfolio (as of 2011 - most of our current work cannot be listed due to agreements with customers)

We often work with Design shops, so each of our projects has an associated design firm.

Some of our projects were not published to the public internet so they are not listed here. Some of our design clients maintain exclusive portfolio rights - these projects also do not show up here. Finally some customers don't want to allow portfolio rights to the developers and we are ok with that.

Large Clients (Live)

Large Clients (Pending)

Small and Medium clients

Internal Projects

Early Projects for friends and family

Jeremiah Stover, Founder of PragDev who specializes in Business focused DevOps

Entrepreneurs worry.

Let us worry for you.


"Jeremiah was very good to work with. He always took the time to ask the right questions and took his responsibilities very seriously. I appreciate all he has done for us. Diligent, is a great word to use! Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity."

Nancy Bogart,
Chief Executive Officer
Jordan Essentials Co.


"Jeremiah demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them in real-world production environments. He possesses a level of dedication and quality of work difficult to encounter in today's workplace."

Jeff Preletz,
Principal Consultant
SAP BusinessObjects


"Jeremiah was a trustworthy and friendly individual throughout his internship where we were both working. Over the course of the internship I came to appreciate his diligence and concern for the customers he was dealing with."

Ryan Short,
Customer Service Tech
Vision Forum