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At Pragmatic Development we know that what is most important to you is service. To that end we strive to not only offer the best service we know how but also to continually improve the service that we do offer. We do not hire others to do the tech work while we only do the interfacing. The people you talk with are the people that will be implementing your solutions. No middle men - no mix-up.

While Custom Application Development is our strongest skill, we actually offer much more than that in an attempt to better serve you.


This is our primary specialty. We build solutions that exactly match your business need instead of trying to fit your business inside our predefined boxes.
Innovate to Differentiate.


We have found that most of the hosting providers fall down on the job. Either they offer too little or too much to meet business needs. One size does not fit all. Unlike most small shops, we do actually have a fully trained UNIX/Linux admin on staff so we can solve your problem - real time.


Design is an integral part of all website solutions so we have trained all of our staff in design tools and processes. At heart we are not a design shop so for high end design projects we will refer you to someone who specializes in Design work. (You can also bring along your current designer if you are happy with them).

Website Maintenance

Just like a building, every website must be maintained. Maintenance fixes problems and keeps things running smoothly. Skipping the maintenance for a time might not appear to be a bad idea. In the end however it will always come back and bite you.

Content Management

With our technical skill we can easily publish your content to your site for you, freeing you from learning another system. We are also working on bringing a fully trained copywriter on board and have contact with a couple of ghost writers if that is what you need.

Marketing (including SEO)

We aggressively study new marketing training both the tried and true and the cutting edge techniques. To date we have gained a lot of practical marketing knowledge. We would be happy to assist you with your on-line marketing endeavors.

Competitive Research

We believe in learning from our competition where we can. If you don't know what your competitors are up to (on-line and off) you won't be able to keep up. Of course if you have the worlds best unique feature they may not matter (at the minute) but we have found that it always pays to know what the other team is up to. If we can be of assistance in this area let us know.

Business & Technology Consulting

We have been directly involved as principles in almost a dozen startups. We have also provided web services to several dozen more startups. We have had opportunity to observe their process and their mistakes. We also read extensively on what others have learned from their business ventures. We would be happy to share this experience with you.

As much or as little as you need, we are here to serve you.

Jeremiah Stover, Founder of PragDev who specializes in Business focused DevOps

Entrepreneurs worry.

Let us worry for you.


"Jeremiah was very good to work with. He always took the time to ask the right questions and took his responsibilities very seriously. I appreciate all he has done for us. Diligent, is a great word to use! Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity."

Nancy Bogart,
Chief Executive Officer
Jordan Essentials Co.


"Jeremiah demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them in real-world production environments. He possesses a level of dedication and quality of work difficult to encounter in today's workplace."

Jeff Preletz,
Principal Consultant
SAP BusinessObjects


"Jeremiah was a trustworthy and friendly individual throughout his internship where we were both working. Over the course of the internship I came to appreciate his diligence and concern for the customers he was dealing with."

Ryan Short,
Customer Service Tech
Vision Forum